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workout 4917

So sometimes i do new or random workouts for track or just to be active and i figure why not share it. The fact is in order to succeed we have to push ourselves always be thinking about what we CAN do instead of what might possibly if this if that or probably wont. Instead get off the couch and embrace what God has given you. Anyways any opportunity we have ti run or train we should take it not just for the sake of our goals but for our bodies. Rest yes but dont let your body just sit around if you can be active and build. Tonight my mom and i finished braiding my hair i changed and did this

1.4 miles
(one mile and however much it took to get back home)
** i set a goal i watched my pace (on my new Garmin Forerunner 35) and set a goal around .15 mi and pushed my self yo achieve it (maybe weak but i wanted to make sure i was under 10 minutes and was well under)
3 sprints
(there is a fair steep hill outside of my house probably around 70 to 90 meters long and i sprinted and walked back)


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