So yes i also said that i run hurdles i am currently in High School and run varsity for one of the largest while not most competitive high schools in Georgia. i run 300 and 100 meter hurdles pretty fast but not as fast as i want to be so ill keep working i also run 4 x 400 and hope to do some type of jump pretty well next year. i dont really know what i would say abut track except i don do it and its fun but dont waste peoples time and do it "just ot stay in shape" because thats not how sports work and track is a sport of you need to stay ion shape go to a gym.
Super pumped because this year i am running track for a full year in stead of breaking during summer fall and winter contrary to my previous years of year round volleyball. I am running with the soon to be fastest club in georgia probably which branched off from the other fastest club in my opinion.


so lets chat or chat with each other i dont really know



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