So One of the things i said i am or relate with is Sims 4. I started playing last summer when i got the base game for $20. i have loved this game since my babysitter from Ohio sat down with me and we built a family together i just love the idea of it. My cousin then  got the sims 3 with basically all the expansion packs or whatever they were called and played all the time and finally i had money so i got it.
The problem is.
I love designing i have wanted or just wanted to be a fashion designer im talking drawing little characters on church informers and napkins and as i grew older i got a sewing machine and a mannequin but of course i really have no clue how to sew and am trying to teach myself.

I want to design for my sims and post my stuff on a website and what ever but i also have no clue how to do that ether and there are no resources online to teach clearly i am sure its a hard process and the greats dont want any newbie to show up and out shine them but if anyone knows how to create clothing for the sims 4 in expensively that would be greatly appreciated.
shout out to all sims 4 designers help someone out

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