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So sometimes i do new or random workouts for track or just to be active and i figure why not share it. The fact is in order to succeed we have to push ourselves always be thinking about what we CAN do instead of what might possibly if this if that or probably wont. Instead get off the couch and embrace what God has given you. Anyways any opportunity we have ti run or train we should take it not just for the sake of our goals but for our bodies. Rest yes but dont let your body just sit around if you can be active and build. Tonight my mom and i finished braiding my hair i changed and did this

1.4 miles
(one mile and however much it took to get back home)
** i set a goal i watched my pace (on my new Garmin Forerunner 35) and set a goal around .15 mi and pushed my self yo achieve it (maybe weak but i wanted to make sure i was under 10 minutes and was well under)
3 sprints
(there is a fair steep hill outside of my house probably around 70 to 90 meters long and i sprinted and walked back)

yeah this is a pretty specific workout to where i live but nevertheless and example of using what i have to work.
One of my biggest problems according to my school coach is my arms in both hurdle races my arms are coming in from of my torso and i am twisting crossing may chest and my hands are not going past my hips resulting in shortened stride length and unused energy and slower speed. Apparently the way i finish races with the crossing my chest and elbows out is a way that DISTANCE runners run in order to conserve energy. In a SPRINT you need to use all your energy. So i spent the entire 1.4 miles pushing my mind and body to keep my arms low and near my hips. Yes i was running distance so why wouldnt i want to cross? because i need to correct my entire running form not run for fun. That was the goal in this workout and i believe it worked because when i did my three sprints it was pretty easy to keep my arms moving past my hips.

In the shorter sprint races i am doing the same thing but its hurdle-1-2-3-hurdle-1-2-3-hurdle-... there are only a few things i need to get right in order to succeed. Trail leg. Lead leg. Arms over hurdle. Arms in between hurdles. Blocks. Speed. I recently did a block workout to refresh my mind. Blocks. which will allow me to get more of a sprint out to the first hurdle. Speed. My lead leg does not swing very much and i have focused so much but i need to continue to drive with the knee and snap down quickly to start running to the next hurdle. Lead Leg. The Trail Leg can always be better, the knee must be high not dropped, use your ARMS to pull through hard and fast, pull through IN FRONT - well infront- of your lead leg to give you less length between the next hurdle. Trail Leg. And arms are the key to everything if they cross my chest my stride will shorten and i will 4 step, if i dont pull them quickly i will not run or hurdle quick enough o keep up in between and over. Arms.

but those are just my problems

oh and i can always do CORE. My school coach has us to 30-30-30 which is
30 knee to chest
30 on left butt cheek
30 on right butt cheek
30 hold in middle
30 twists
 2 or 3 sets

please share any workouts yall have done!!

workout 4917


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