im momoivy

So i got this idea from my aunt who is also starting a blog about pregnancy, Christ and exercise, a strange combination but its her life and thats what she wants to write or blog about. i just want to start journaling kind of i remember in old 2000s movies blogging abut your life and letting the world but also no one see it is awesome i watched one movie that epitomized that and i cannot think of it now anyways i want ti write about my life for me to clarify with my self and be able to reach out to see if anyone else can clarify for me or with me. 
You can ask anyone but i ask a lot of questions, who i go to a restaurant i will look over every menu item ask about i and then order something completely different with additions or subtractions. so this i hope should allow me to ask questions.

I am starting this blog because i think it will be fun to connect with the world. That probably wont happen. But i'll just act like it will. 

How do i relate with the world? What do i do? Who am i?
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Thats all i can think of right now i guess i can update it

im momoivy


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